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Owner/ Lead Training Adviser

Tim is the lead training advisor and director at Next Level Fitness.  He is certified as a fitness instructor and nutrition specialist by the American Council on Exercise and the International Sport Sciences Association. He brings a lifetime of experience to helping you with your fitness.  Tim was a martial arts/self defense Instructor teaching Okinawan Karate, Combat Jiu-Jitsu, Advanced Firearm/Knife Skills and Personal Security.  Also, for 10 years Tim led a Navy SEAL affiliated training program for people entering Military service and over the years helped hundreds of young people transition into the Military, especially those seeking roles within Special Warfare.  He currently serves the community as a United States Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer in the role of a liaison between the Naval Academy and prospective Candidates.


Owner/ Training Adviser

Kathy is an ACE certified personal trainer, a Tabata HIIT Bootcamp instructor, a competitive fitness champion and a former pro-level figure competitor. Kathy is an expert at meeting people wherever they are in their fitness journey and compassionately guiding them to their best level of health and fitness.  She has helped countless people over the years with her friendly and understanding style of teaching.

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